How to Buy

We provide development and evaluation licenses of Mimer SQL free of charge for all major platforms. These are full function versions of Mimer SQL available for download from our Mimer developer site.

We offer run-time licenses of Mimer SQL to ISVs/VARs/OEMs that embed Mimer SQL in their volume products under very attractive volume discount models.  If you are an end-user (i.e. not an ISV, VAR or OEM who wants to include a Mimer SQL product in your solution) please refer to the licensing information for Mimer SQL Enterprise.  

Licensing Information

Click on the links below for more information on each product's run-time licensing model.

Mimer SQL Embedded Licensing information     


Mimer SQL Enterprise Licensing information     


Mimer SQL Mobile Licensing information     


Mimer SQL Real-Time Licensing information     


You can always download a free development and evaluation edition of either Mimer SQL Engine or Mimer SQL Mobile below.

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Mimer SQL

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