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The Mimer SQL product range covers database management technologies from embedded and real-time systems to enterprise servers. And your database can reside in the server room, on the desktop or on the mobile device.

All products in the Mimer SQL family are characterized by zero maintenance, high performance, full multilingual support, and a 100% conformance to the international SQL standards. This gives you a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) for your database solution, disregarding if you distribute a low priced - high volume product or if you deploy a big enterprise server.

And if you need an efficient and small footprint DBMS for your customized appliance, we can offer you a tailor-made version of Mimer SQL.

Full function development and evaluation versions of all Mimer SQL products are available for free download from our Developer's web site.

Mimer SQL for deployment is licensed under very flexible and attractive conditions, reducing the total cost of ownership even further.

Mimer SQL Embedded
Mimer SQL for embedded solutions enables software providers to benefit from Mimer SQL's unique "Install & Forget" concept. Mimer SQL can be used for embedded solutions on standard platforms and customized appliances.

Mimer SQL Real-Time
Mimer SQL for industry and automotive solutions where data is controlled under hard, deterministic, real-time acess while accessible from ordinary SQL applications using standard APIs.


Mimer SQL Mobile
Mimer SQL Mobile is a world class, multi user, and cross platform relational DBMS for developers of exceptional solutions for cellular phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.


Mimer SQL Enterprise
Mimer SQL for enterprise solutions is a high performance, scalable and robust database server very well suited for mission critical systems requiring 24x7x365 availability with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users.



Mimer SQL

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