Our Values
We consider ourselves as challengers. We know that, by thinking outside the box and listen to our customer with a sensitive ear; we can challenge larger competitors and deliver products that are in practice adapted to our customers’ needs.

Close to our customers
We work closely with our customers in order to optimize a solution. Their success is our future.

We can promise that our products will solve our customers’ problems and that they will be satisfied with any of our products. And one can rest assured that we will not give up our quest of developing innovation and top of the line products when it comes to data management systems.

To be second to no one
If you take a look behind the Mimer SQL product family, you will find Mimer Information Technology. We are a ‘jack of all trades and a master of one’ namely we figure prominently among Europe’s experts on database management systems. In our product development team you will find some of the world’s most renowned database specialists. We are heavily involved in the future evolution of the international SQL standards and since long active and trusted member of the ISO committee.

Commitment and pride
What distinguishes us from other companies is our commitment to quality and our ability to listen to both market and customer requirements. Our ambition has always been to deliver solutions with that little extra, always on the cutting edge of technology, pushing the boundaries further. Our quest is to create intelligent, maintenance free database management systems for big enterprises and organizations as well as for small embedded and mobile devices.

We at Mimer are here to ensure that you can spend your time concentrating on your core business. You can safely leave anything to do with our specialty, databases, to us


Mimer SQL

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